Sarah believes job creation to be vital to a healthy, stable American economy.

As the CEO of Meridian Legal Business Investment Wish Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, Sarah worked with more than 500 educational entrepreneurs to devise ways to create jobs for American workers.

She also served as the CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty & Management Company. She holds over 30 certifications in real estate brokerage, investment, mortgage, and law and believes in education to lift people out of poverty and give them a better life.

This includes the retraining of workers, the alleviation of student loan debt for students seeking work, helping unskilled workers entering the workforce for the first time, and assisting the elderly and retired with finding part-time work.

She has promised that, if elected, she will introduce a bill in the House offering a tax credit to companies that decide to hire new employees. As your representative, the creation of jobs will be one of her top priorities.