The American economy is the lifeblood of the world economy.

Sarah believes job creation to be vital to a healthy, stable American economy.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of several companies, Sarah values American entrepreneurs and believes them to be vital to our economy.

Sarah believes that education is a right and that it is vital to one’s success in life, without which a person’s life will be much poorer…in all respects.

Sadly, in the last few decades, the American health care system has shown itself to be in bad need of new thinking and approaches.

As a first-generation immigrant from Korea, Sarah knows from personal experience the obstacles many immigrants face upon arriving in America.

Sarah is well-positioned to make vital decisions related to international trade and America’s trading status with other nations through her background of studied DBA of international trade and commerce and finance.

With over 30 certifications in real estate brokerage, investment, mortgage, and law, as well as many years as the CEO & broker of a real estate company, Sarah knows very well how to navigate this vital and often unpredictable field.

Throughout her life, Sarah Liew has been active in senior-citizen awareness programs, particularly where housing and jobs are concerned.

As a pastor and lifelong advocate for the poor and the indigent, Sarah believes it is vital that government remain engaged with the poor’s plight and ensure that every Californian has proper housing.