End Open Borders and Sanctuary Cities

As a first-generation immigrant from Korea, Sarah knows from personal experience the obstacles many immigrants face upon arriving in America.

Fortunately, she has been able to put these experiences to use in very substantive ways. Since she entered a JD doctoral program in 2001, she started working as an intern for a law firm offering nonprofit legal services for immigration and business law family law. In 2013, she became CEO of a consultation and legal firm that helped many immigrants navigate the perils, obstacles, and frustrations of being a new arrival in the United States.

While today’s far-left decry all immigration rules as unnecessary and advocate for the unfettered universal right of movement, “open borders” and “sanctuary cities,” Sarah believes in LEGAL immigration, a position reinforced by her many years of direct experience in the field.

These experiences will govern her judgments on all such issues and decisions as your U.S. Senator.