The American economy is the lifeblood of the world economy.

Sarah believes job creation to be vital to a healthy, stable American economy.

Sarah is well-positioned to make vital decisions related to international trade and America’s trading status with other nations through her background of studied DBA of international trade and commerce and finance.

Throughout her life, Sarah Liew has been active in senior-citizen awareness programs, particularly where housing and jobs are concerned.

As an environmentally conscious Republican, Sarah is committed to the research, development, and implementation of green energy and green products.

Sarah believes that an inherent part of America’s greatness is its dedication to military and armed services personnel. Without them, America would not exist.

Sarah believes the solution to the COVID crisis is to develop a strong vaccine that will inhibit a resurgence of the virus in the future.

Sarah is a proud supporter and admirer of President Donald J. Trump, and of the M.A.G.A. agenda.

Sarah believes in keeping California great, by cutting taxes and regulation, and in the responsible policing and maintenance of our streets.

Sarah believes a zero-tolerance policy toward crime and professional agitation is needed if America is to continue to be a strong, safe country.

As a believer in both God and science, Sarah believes it is clear from extant evidence that the climate of our earth is changing.

Sarah supports the Second Amendment and the constitutional right to bear arms.