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In the heart of California’s bustling cities and across its sprawling landscapes, a conversation is unfolding about the future of the Golden State. Amidst this dialogue stands Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, whose campaign is marked by an unwavering commitment to address some of the most pressing challenges facing Californians today. From crime and public safety to healthcare and environmental protection, Dr. Liew’s policy proposals offer a comprehensive blueprint aimed at revitalizing California’s promise as a land of opportunity and innovation.

At the forefront of Dr. Liew’s agenda is tackling California’s rising crime rates. Under the banner “Golden Gate Gangs? California’s Crime Crisis and the Road to Safety,” her campaign advocates for bolstering law enforcement resources, reforming the criminal justice system, and taking decisive actions against illegal immigration. These measures are designed not only to ensure public safety but also to restore confidence in California’s ability to protect its citizens.

Immigration remains a hot-button issue in California politics, particularly given its status as a sanctuary state. Through “Border Battleground: Securing California’s Southern Border and the Future of Immigration,” Dr. Liew proposes building physical barriers along the US-Mexico border, increasing deportations, and cracking down on sanctuary cities — policies she believes will reinforce national security while upholding lawful immigration processes.

The healthcare system in California faces its own set of challenges, which Dr. Liew aims to address through “Golden State Remedy? Fixing California’s Broken Healthcare System.” Her strategy includes expanding Medicaid access, reforming state healthcare exchanges, and reducing industry regulations to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Californians.

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