By The Chicago Journal Staff

In the realm of business, driven by profit and amassing wealth, stands a distinctive entity, Meridian Beverly Hills Investment and Legal Group LLC. This firm, in alliance with Global Investment Immigration, has emerged as a beacon of ethical business practices, community support, and societal progression. Breaking the conventional bounds of financial and legal service companies, Meridian steadfastly focuses on enriching the community, driven by the transformative leadership of its CEO, Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, and Vice President Abraham Lee.

Meridian’s intense commitment to societal enhancement makes it a standout player in the business arena. Rather than simply accumulating wealth, the firm plans to reinvest for communities, and God’s mission vision is to donate up to 10% of its profit into supporting three non-profit organizations Meridian business Legal investment wish foundation, MIT (meridian intuition of technology), and devoted to individual empowerments and promoting moral business ethics. Hence, becoming a Meridian client means contributing to a collective effort to brighten the future instead of merely carrying out business transactions.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew spins the wheel of this extraordinary initiative. A revered immigration consultant, a savant of immigration, and a legal professional, this Korean-American woman’s academic prowess speaks volumes. With her roles as an eminent Legal Document Assistant and Paralegal, Dr. Sarah bolsters clients’ interests not only in Beverly Hills, CA, but globally.

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