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In the highly competitive business landscape, marked by the relentless pursuit of profit, there is a unique entity that breaks from the norm – Meridian Beverly Hills Investment and Legal Group LLC. In alliance with Global Investment Immigration, this extraordinary firm unwaveringly upholds ethical business practices, supports community welfare, and advocates for societal progress. Shattering the typical mold of financial and legal service providers, Meridian is firmly devoted to elevating communities under the visionary leadership of its CEO, Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, and Vice President, Abraham Lee.

The commitment of Meridian to societal upliftment distinguishes it as a notable player in the world of business. Instead of solely focusing on wealth generation, the firm strategically reinvests in communities by directing up to 10% of its profits towards supporting three non-profit organizations: The Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation, MIT (Meridian Institute of Technology), and ( These organizations work tirelessly towards individual empowerment and promote ethical business practices. By doing business with Meridian, clients become valuable contributors in a collective effort aimed at building a brighter future, transcending beyond typical business transactions.

Driving this exceptional initiative is none other than Dr. Sarah Sun Liew. A respected immigration consultant and expert in the fields of immigration and law, Dr. Sarah’s academic accomplishments span roles as a highly esteemed Legal Document Assistant and Paralegal. Her influence extends beyond Beverly Hills, CA, demonstrating a global reach.

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