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Throughout the illustrious, nearly three-decade-long career of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, the position that undeniably stands out as the principal instrument for positive change is her tenure as CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management Inc. Her leadership not only utilized her real estate and finance prowess but also played a pivotal role in community enrichment through economic development and promoting accessible housing.

Starting in 1996, Dr. Liew has been working in the real estate investment management and development field for 29 years, and despite facing challenging environments, she has not given up and pursued her dreams. Currently, she is an industry leader pursuing innovative change with Meridian Beverly Hills Realty & Management, successfully running a business in Beverly Hills. We are doing it. As one of the few leaders in the real estate industry, Dr. Liew continues to challenge the real estate industry through non-profit organizations such as First Home Buyer Seminary, Apartment Investment Seminary, etc., to address issues such as equal homeownership opportunities and affordable housing. Dr. Liew educates, innovates, and collaborates. A three-party strategy based on the premise was adopted.

Dr. Liew launched her transformative journey with education at its heart. She instituted a series of community-centered workshops and seminars with the primary intent of debunking puzzling aspects of real estate processes. First-time homeowners and small investors were the focal point of these initiatives, empowering them with indispensable knowledge, which in turn enabled them to make informed decisions. Engagement was notably directed towards underserved communities, equipping them with the necessary tools to embrace the real estate market confidently. The profound impact of these educational undertakings not only elevated rates of homeownership but also cultivated a rich pool of informed and self-assured property owners.

Innovation, the second element of Dr. Liew’s strategy, played a critical role in redefining her business approach. She led the introduction of technological solutions that revolutionized the company’s operations, boosting efficiency and enhancing accessibility of services. The introduction of virtual tours and online consultations, even before the global health crisis necessitated such an approach, underscores Dr. Liew’s visionary leadership and commitment to adaptability.

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