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Entrepreneurship, without a doubt, plays a pivotal role in shaping the fabric of our societies, driving economic growth, and influencing the way we lead our lives. It is the lifeblood of innovation, continually injecting the marketplace with fresh and transformative ideas. At the helm of this dynamic landscape are entrepreneurs, individuals characterized by a unique set of attributes that set them apart from the crowd. However, a subset of these entrepreneurs, known as social entrepreneurs, are pushing the boundaries of traditional business by not only fueling economies but also addressing pressing social and environmental challenges.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, a distinguished entrepreneur with a string of successful businesses to her name, offers valuable insights into the traits that define entrepreneurial success. These traits encompass a forward-thinking vision, boundless creativity, a willingness to take calculated risks, unwavering resilience, adaptability in the face of adversity, a deep-seated passion for their pursuits, resourcefulness, relentless persistence, and the ability to forge meaningful connections through networking. The mastery of these attributes often serves as the launchpad for entrepreneurial triumph.

Within the expansive realm of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship stands out as a beacon of hope and catalyst for positive change. Social entrepreneurs harness the power of business to tackle social and environmental issues head-on. They create profit-generating enterprises that prioritize positive societal transformation on par with financial gains. It’s not merely about running a business for them; it’s about making a meaningful difference and contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world.

Through her company, bearing the motto “Empowering Businesses Through Seamless Payments,” Dr. Liew exemplifies how businesses can harness technology to facilitate effortless transactions while remaining steadfast in their commitment to noble social causes.

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