By California Gazette Staff

When it comes to landlord representation, Meridian Beverly Hills Realty & Management Inc. has distinguished itself as a leader in the real estate industry. Grounded in an unwavering commitment to client success, Meridian provides expert services to help landlords maximize their rental rates and ROI. With a focus on property types like apartments, shops, shopping centers, offices, and retail spaces, Meridian brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the property management sector.

At the helm of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty & Management sits Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, an accomplished investor and broker. With 26 years of investment and mortgage experience under her belt, Dr. Liew has worked at esteemed firms like Berkshire Hathaway Beverly Hills. As a Wiltshire Real Estate School graduate, her influence has extended to founding three real estate and finance companies and providing landlords and tenants with exemplary services.

Focusing on tailor-made services that suit the investment goals of landlords, Meridian’s approach is uniquely client-centered. With comprehensive data analysis at their core, the firm’s methods help landlords manage their buildings to maximum capacity, optimize operations, and achieve cost reduction targets. They keenly recognize that informed decisions lead to successful investments, hence their commitment to providing accurate data on property occupancy, rent rates, and competition.

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