As a CEO/principal of 501(c)(3) workforce nonprofit at Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc and principal and professor of MIT University (Meridian Institute of Technology (, and as an entrepreneur, Sarah has been helping the younger generation become educated and has supported small businesses and job creation for more than 30 years through many nonprofit and profit companies.

Every year, countless people journey to the United States for better opportunities. These include Christian youths, early immigrants, job seekers, and budding entrepreneurs. While the American dream aspiration is admirable, it often comes with numerous challenges. The Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation and MIT University (Meridian Institute of Technology) are taking significant steps to address these issues head-on and equip these groups with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead to a path of success.

Empowering Christian Youth

Amid the range of challenges that come with adulthood, Christian youth, in particular, face daunting trials. Whether they are high-school students or young adults entering the real world, they may find themselves squeezed between their belief system and societal demands. Recognizing this, the Meridian Foundation and MIT University have initiated a job creation and training program designed for Christian youth aged 16-26. This program seeks to infuse practical job training, such as computer and business English skills, and deepen their Christian values. By partnering with celebrities and community leaders who share their faith and welcoming them into a structured, nurturing environment, we inspire them to realize their dreams despite obstacles.

Igniting Entrepreneurship

The Meridian Foundation and MIT also offer a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. This includes a variety of job training programs such as credit card processing technology, business management, marketing programs and technical education. A unique aspect of this training includes certification courses for credit card processing. Once completed, graduates may find job opportunities as sub-agents of top processing companies like World Pay, Vantiv, and First Data or with partners such as America Bank Card and Harbor Touch POS.

Whether you are a novice entrepreneur or have a well-established business, the education support pivots towards building a stable and profitable venture. Classes, workshops, and expert advice cover different types of business establishments, franchising, basic business law, taxation, and even early retirement planning.

Further, the Meridian Foundation offers a wealth of resources for job seekers. Through its education programs, job seekers are taught essential skills such as resume writing, marketing, effective communication, etc. Participants also have access to state-of-the-art job search facilities and career planning resources.

Legal Aid

With ongoing changes in immigration law and an abundance of complicated labor issues, legal guidance is necessary for first-time immigrants, job seekers, and early-immigrant entrepreneurs. Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation offers legal consultation services for workers subjected to unfair labor practices, early immigrants seeking permanent residency and citizenship, and unstable and low-income business owners in need. From business legal advice to support in civil litigation and bankruptcy, professional legal services are provided.

This is an era of unprecedented change, and despite formidable challenges, immigrants and job seekers are forging ahead, determined to seize their piece of the American dream. Organizations like the Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation and MIT University are committed to helping individuals secure opportunities, improve their lives and ultimately become part of the fabric of America’s prosperous future.

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