Dr. Sarah Sun Liew is running for US Senator. As CEO OF Fintech company and small business supporter, her entrepreneurship direct experience and knowledge make her a top candidate for rebuilding our state after the pandemic. As CEO of 503 c nonprofit and for-profit organizations, she has worked hard to create jobs and support entrepreneurs. When elected, she will fight and support small businesses and entrepreneurs by rebuilding their bankrupt businesses, creating new jobs and cutting taxes. Here are Dr. Liew’s 5 priority issues and solutions.

Priority Number 1

Dr. Liew will open an Entrepreneurial Support and Job Creation Center to provide existing business owners and new start-up future entrepreneurs with the skills they need to meet a rapidly changing world. This program will provide very professional vocational training and education to employers and job seekers, and also supports 501(C)(3) workforce nonprofits to create more jobs and help California economic growth. Job creation center programs will help a stable workforce of entrepreneurs, and support creating future generations’ more STEM workers, early retirees’ job replacement , more women job creation, also supporting prevention homeless.

Priority Number 2

As an educator and pastor, and 30 years of experience in next-generation education, as well as Principal nonprofit tech university, she understands from early education to elderly education. Dr. Liew will propose developing preschool programs and strengthening K-12 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, and supporting high-quality recruitment for teachers, and innovative future generations of education. Dr. Liew will support charter schools and give a $3000 tax credit to parents of public school students, and loan forgiveness tax cuts to teachers and first aid workers.

She will develop college education and job placement internship programs during academic life, and support college STEM programs to create more STEM workers. Support lowering the costs of a college education and adding higher quality education programs in local colleges. Additionally, she will promote donations to church education and nonprofit school foundations, and offer unique tax cuts to mobilize better education funding.

Priority Number 3

Dr. Liew has the expertise necessary for proposing practical solutions in the aftermath of the pandemic. Dr Liew has many years experience as the CEO of legal, immigration, real estate brokerage and management companies. dr. Liew also runs business related real estate investment, finance, and foreclosure protection. Dr. Liew will support landlords and tenants by implementing laws and policies and fight for various real estate rights, real estate legal issues and will support affordable housing for seniors, help retirees live affordably, and create policies to prevent homelessness and prevent unemployment and help tenants pay rent on time and prevent eviction. Dr. Liew will support landlords and homeowners protecting their properties, lower property taxes, and address the needs of our communities by supporting non-profit organizations who are related such as homeowner & Apartment association, and many local churches, and other civic organizations to create better, healthier and safer environments for our citizens.

Priority Number 4

Dr. Liew Is an experienced medical professional & educated nurse in Korea. When Dr. Liew came to America, she also worked in a general hospital. Dr. Liew will support a better health care system. How? Through low cost drug prices and affordable insurance plans with more coverage for ALL Americans! Support all our hero healthcare providers and facilities by giving special tax breaks and medical bills, patients able to know medical cost before treatment instead of after. Veterans will be able to receive treatment promptly—anywhere. Chronic diseases, elders, students and low income will be able to get lower drug prices, & more medical benefits from government subsidy programs. Dr. Liew will also propose to strengthen insurance laws governing industrial accidents that happen on the job.

Priority Number 5

Immigration. As a first-generation immigrant, Sarah Liew has fulfilled her own American dream. Also, as CEO of an immigrant consultation and legal firm, she has sought to alleviate the hardships immigrants face upon arrival in the U.S., and support new immigrants in opening new businesses in their entrepreneurial endeavors. She supports EB2 and EB5 investor visa programs and encourage international trade to achieve their American dream to get business opportunities, open new business, be able to create more jobs ,and economic growth in California. Dr. Liew will start a new Immigrant Support Center Program— to provide support & education for first-year immigrants through language, cultural and vocational education. Dr. Liew will use her business education & experience to help immigrants with start-up business education—because opportunity lies at the heart of the American Dream. Finally, as Dr. Liew supports legal immigration, she believes that our borders should be secured, and will oppose open borders and sanctuary cities

“I approve of this message. I hope I can count on your vote in March 5, 2024.”
Dr. Sarah Sun Liew – Republican U.S. Senate Candidate